FabHoods is an app-based solution to manage housing society: Security, Communications, Operations, & Accounting.

FabHoods Resident App, FabHoods Admin App, FabHoods Admin ERP for Housing Society Management

FabHoods Solution

FabHoods Housing Society Management Solution comes with:

    •  FabHoods Resident App.
    •  FabHoods In-app Admin Panel.
    •  FabHoods Visitor Management System.
    •  FabHoods Admin ERP.

FabHoods Resident App

  • Keep in touch with your housing society 24*7: from Home, Office, or Vacation.
  • View all society communications on the FabHoods App.
  • Manage visitors & deliveries.
FabHoods Housing Society Management App

FabHoods in-app Admin Panel

  • Manage society using FabHoods in-app Admin Panel.
  • Send all society communications to residents.
  •  Manage society operations like collecting maintenance payments, resolving complaints, managing parking, etc.
FabHoods admin panel for housing society management committee members

FabHoods Visitor Management System

            • Manage visitors & deliveries.
            • Mark attendance of resident’s staff like maids, drivers, etc.
            • Be equipped to tackle emergency situations using SOS, Voice messages, Emergency contacts directory.
FabHoods Visitor Management System for security guards

Why FabHoods?

Enhance Community Living Experience

Enhance community living experience of residents

FabHoods implements Social Distancing in Housing Societies

Implement social distancing in society

FabHoods Housing Society Management App

Manage all society communications on FabHoods app

FabHoods enhances Society Security

Improve housing society security

Enhance Community Living Experience

Minimal investment in hardware

FabHoods mobile app keeps you in touch with your society 24*7

Stay connected to your society 24*7


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