For Real Estate Developers

  • FabHoods helps Real Estate Developers in reducing the Trust Deficit that exists between them and their Customers.
  • Using the FabHoods Solution, the Developers can keep their customers updated about their Property Investments and manage all the Project Communications.

For Property Owners

  • FabHoods App helps Property Owners to keep in touch with their investments from anywhere.
  • FabHoods App removes the geographical barrier which exists between the Property Owners and the Project Site. Owners can view all important details as well as updates relating to their property investments on the FabHoods App.

Feature Highlights: Owners

Access Project Details

Access Project Details

Track Project Progress

Track Project Progress

View Payment Details

View Payment Details

Get your queries resolved

Get your Queries resolved

Register Family members

Register Family Members/ Co-investors

Receive important Announcements

Receive Important Announcements

and many more…

Experience the benefits of a connected and informed community.