FabHoods Housing Society App

FabHoods Features

FabHoods creates immense value for all the stakeholder: society residents, society management committee members, visitors, etc.


Residents can:

Raise emergency alarm & contact security guards in case of emergency.

Receive staff & visitor entry notifications.

Approve or deny entry to visitors.

Pre-approve entry of guests, cabs, deliveries, etc.

Request for blood donation from society residents.
Manage society security with FabHoods App


Residents can:

Receive society announcements, alerts, & reminders.

Answer society polls.

Access in-app directory of residents, society staff, important numbers, etc.

View society events schedule & society rules.

Add & track complaints, suggestions, & feedback.
FabHoods App for housing society communications


Residents can:

Manage attendance of staff like maids, cooks, etc.

Register tenants & family members on the FabHoods App.

Register vehicles for parking management.

Pay society maintenance charges through the FabHoods App.
Pay housing society maintenance charges through FabHoods App


Society management committee can:

Manage collection & records of society maintenance charges.

Manage advance payments & deposits of residents.

Keep track of society transactions & funds.

Send maintenance payments reminders to residents.
Society admin can view maintenance payment records of their housing society

In-app Admin Panel

Society management committee can:

Send announcements & broadcast messages to residents.

Resolve resident’s complaints.

Schedule society events & meetings.

Create opinion polls to take feedback from residents.

Approve: new members, polls, events.
FabHoods admin panel for housing society management committee members

And many more features

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