FabHoods Housing Society App

Knowledge Base

Learn to use various features of the FabHoods App.

Owner registration on the FabHoods App

Raise a complaint on FabHoods Helpdesk.

View society events and meetings.

Answer society polls.

View in-app Directory of owners, tenants, society staff, security guards, important numbers.

View notifications related to visitor entry, staff entry, polls, broadcast messages, etc.

View society announcements.

Change profile picture.

Approve or deny entry to a visitor.

Register your daily visitor (Maid, Nanny, Cook, Driver, etc) in the FabHoods app.

Add a daily visitor (Maid, Nanny, Cook, Driver, etc) to your house.

Schedule an expected visitor/ pre-approve entry to cab/ pre-approve delivery.

Share gate pass with a pre-approved/ scheduled visitor.

View the list of visitors to your house.

Register family members in the FabHoods app.

Register Tenants in the FabHoods app.

Register your vehicle.

Pay society maintenance charges through in-app Payment Gateway.

View society rules

Request for blood donation from society residents in case of a medical emergency.

Raise emergency alarm.

Hide mobile number and e-mail from the in-app directory.

Add neighbors to your house for emergency purposes.

Change notification rights in your house.


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