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FabHoods Terms of Use


Definition of the terms used in the document:

– “We/ Us/ Company/ Our/ FabHoods” shall mean Shorvac Lifestyle India Private Limited.

– “You/ Customer/ User/ Your” shall mean the users of FabHoods Housing Society Management Apps, ERP, Website; Housing Society Management Committee and their representatives; Real Estate Developer. “Shorvac Lifestyle India Private Limited” and the “Customer” shall be individually referred to as “Party” or collectively referred to as “Parties” in this document.

– “Services/ Solution” shall mean FabHoods Housing Society Management Solution or FabHoods platform comprising of FabHoods App, FabHoods Website, Fabhoods Admin ERP.

– The “Subscription Plan” shall mean FabHoods Housing Society Management Solution plan opted by the customer.

FabHoods Housing Society Management Solution users and customers shall abide by the following Terms of Use:

1. FabHoods offers Housing Society Management App and ERP to Housing Societies and Real Estate Developers.

2. The customer must understand that FabHoods just offers a technology platform to manage Housing Society,  and in no way guarantees a pre-defined level of security, efficiency, convenience, and satisfaction amongst the residents or users of the solution.

3. FabHoods will not be liable for any loss of life or property or other mishaps in the Housing Society arising due to the negligence of the Residents, Housing Society Management Committee, Society Security Guards, Project Developer, or any other entities present in the Housing Society. 

You indemnify us from all liabilities, claims, damages arising due to the use/ non-use/ theft/ damage/ misuse of our Website, App, or ERP.

4. Subscribing to the FabHoods Subscription Plans will not give you the right to FabHoods Title, Source Code, Trademarks, Patents, and any other intellectual property. These rights are exclusively owned by the Company. Subscription Plans just give the users a platform to manage their Housing Societies.

5. Users shall in all circumstances accept full responsibilities for their activities and accounts on FabHoods App, ERP, and Website. The users must be diligent and take the utmost care of their accounts on FabHoods App, ERP, and Website.

6. You should not rent or sell FabHoods solution to anyone without the explicit consent of the company. You shall also not aid, engage, defraud, cheat, or commit any criminal or prohibited activities using the FabHoods Solution.

7. The customer must use FabHoods solution in ethical and limited ways. FabHoods is indemnified against any claims and liabilities arising due to use/ non-use/ misuse/ unethical use of the FabHoods Solution by customers or parties unrelated to FabHoods.

8. The Company has integrated a Payment Gateway in the Fabhoods App for the purpose of processing Maintenance payments made by residents to Housing Society Account. The payment gateway is not owned or controlled by FabHoods and is just used as a means for collecting and processing payments.

9. FabHoods doesn’t charge any convenience fee from the users for using the payment gateway. However, the payment gateway charges a fee (with GST) from the users which is decided by the Payment Gateway service provider, and in no way influenced by FabHoods.

10. We are not responsible for any failed transactions, delays in payments, chargebacks, etc on account of the usage of Payment Gateway by the FabHoods users. All these cases are to be handled by the Payment Gateway service provider only. However, FabHoods will provide necessary assistance to the users to track the status of their complaints with the Payment Gateway service provider.

11. The customer shall be liable to pay for all expenses incurred by FabHoods arising due to false claims, omissions, misrepresentations, fraud, cheating, etc by the customer & associated entities.

12. The company shall not be responsible for any downtime or operational issues in FabHoods services arising due to forces outside the control of the company. However, the company will take action to try and rectify the issues in congruence with the responsible entities.

13. Once the residents (Owners, Tenants, Family members) register on FabHoods App, Website, or ERP, they are bound by the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use of FabHoods.

14. Customer agreement form along with the FabHoods Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use shall form the “Complete Agreement” between the Customers and FabHoods. The terms mentioned in the documents comprising of the “Complete Agreement” shall be binding on the customers and users of FabHoods.

15. Either party may terminate the contract in case of a material breach, insolvency, or bankruptcy of either of the parties. The contract shall be terminated by the way of a written notice submitted at least 30 days before the decided date of termination of the contract. The decision to terminate the contract shall be taken after all the possible ways to continue the contract are exhausted.

16. All the users and customers agree that the Company shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect outcomes which might arise due to events like pandemics, epidemics, accidents, natural calamities, man-made disasters, technical shortcomings, strikes, acts of God, lockdowns, terrorism, etc which are outside the scope of company’s control.

17. The users agree to contact FabHoods for any breach of contract on an immediate basis on hello@fabhoods.com.

18. The users agree to bring to our attention any wrongful business practices conducted in the name of FabHoods by parties not associated with FabHoods.

19. The users shall report their grievances to 
hello@fabhoods.com or write to us at – 211, Shalimar Corporate Centre, 8-B, South Tukoganj, Indore, Madhya Pradesh- 452001, India.


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